I’m currently working on a pricing list for those who are interested. Feel free to email me at with any questions you may have =]


7 responses to “Prices

  1. Billy McGrath

    Do you do Senior Photos

  2. Linda Hendley

    Charlotte, I would love to order some of the pictures you have taken of Connor Hendley. How do I go about that. The last ones are just awesome. Well actually all of them have been wonderful. (I am Tanner’s mom, in case you wondered). thanks Linda

  3. Theresa Klebba

    I love your photo’s and appreciate your oppinion on my photo’s. Love you

  4. DeAnna Okert

    Hello! Friends of ours have taken photos with you before, i was curious if you had a price for family photos for the holiday season. There are three of us :). Myself my husband and my daughter(18 months).


  5. Elizabeth

    i am looking to have my sons birthday pictures. the party is going to run about 3 hrs. how much would you charge for 3 hrs worth of pictures?


  6. Rowena Morgan

    I was told by several other navy wives that you do boudoir photography. Can you please confirm or deny this for me and send me your prices for such. Thank you.

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