Hello everyone!

My name is Charlotte Mary. I know this place is for just a little about me, but I’ve always had difficulty writing about myself. I’m 24, married for 4 years to a Navy man, we have a 3 year old (who is the subject of many of my photos) named Lorelai. I am currently located near Charleston, SC. I’ve always had a passion for photography, being the one who always has the camera in her purse for the occasion. While attending a local community college, the teaching degree didn’t interest me anymore, which lead me back to the things I enjoy, which includes photography. In case you were wondering, I’m currently attending The Art Institute of Pittsburgh for photography. Consider this blog a map of my growth as a photographer, and hopefully the start of an amazing relationship. With my camera and myself, that is 🙂


9 responses to “About

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. Sarahzizlle

    Charlotte! Ur soo damn good girl! U have true talent here and are very blessed! O and U must do the pictures for my wedding…whenever that is! LOL!

  3. LOVE THIS BLOG!!! It is a GREAT way to expose your talents and keep everyone posted! Love you guys!

  4. Katie

    Charlotte I never knew you had such a gift. I thought you were just a goofy girl with a camera. 🙂 Amazing pics. Love em!

  5. Charlotte san, I admire you. Since you have a family to be cared, but you still can explore and increase your ‘way of handling camera…. Be inspiration to your friends all over the world! ..let me learn also from you 🙂 http://www.erwinrfd.wordpress.com

  6. Jessica Oppenlander

    Just wanted to let you know I LOVE looking through your pictures!

  7. Barb Janney

    Absolutely beautiful photos. You do fantastic work! Keep it up.

  8. Charlotte is now In San Diego with a new photographic subject of 4 months name Magnolia. Lorelai her sister is now a professional model. LOL Magnolia represents candid pictures. I am the meddling MIL and Charlotte’s Biggest Fan. Charlotte can capture the soul of the moment! I am so very proud of her well I could just bust! LOVE AND ABOVE!

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